About Us

Founded by long-time EPC experts with significant experience in construction, engineering, and Oil & Gas, BORDER SANDS, LLC. is located in Terral, Jefferson County, Oklahoma, on the banks of the Red river.
The company’s mining operation extracts sand, mainly through an open pit and inland dunes next to the riverbank. We began production on July 2019 and have an installed capacity of 3,500tons/day of concrete sand with ASTM C-33 specification.
BORDER SANDS provides high-quality sand and aggregates to supply the construction industry, concrete plants, and the oil industry in Oklahoma and Texas.
BORDER SANDS smart-production operation has been engineered to greatly reduce nonproductive time allowing the company to reliably and consistently produce and deliver more sand to our customers with less stress on our equipment and employees.
Our company looks forward to partnering with the best service companies and operators in the business to deliver premium sand and high-quality aggregates to our customers.
We value our talent that allows us to deliver the best product, in a timely manner, to our customers, enhancing long term sustainable profitability.


To be the leading supplier of high-quality sand and aggregates by continually striving for improvement and always pursuing innovation.


To be known for our commitment to our customers through innovative technology, superior customer service and the highest-quality sand and aggregates within the industry.


Our values define the character of our company, they express who we are, how we behave, and what we believe in just as much as the products and services we provide under the Border Sands brand.
Ensure Safety

We make safety a personal responsibility and hold each other accountable for safe acts and behaviors, ensuring that nothing comes before the health & safety of our people, contractors and the community.

Focus on Customers

We build close customer relationships that set us apart from our competitors by listening to our customers, understanding their challenges and providing valuable solutions.

Pursue Excellence

Our passion for the work we do drives us to exceed expectations, to challenge ourselves to constantly improve. The products and services we provide reflect our commitment to only the highest quality. We intend to build quality, excellence, and on-time delivery into all our products and services.

Act with Integrity

We act with honesty and transparency in all our interactions because we care for our people, for our communities and for our natural resources.
We communicate honestly and accurately to establish credibility and respect. We are truthful in all our dealings, working in accord with the prevailing laws, rules, regulations, specifications, policies, and procedures. Acceptance of responsibility is critical to our effectiveness. We are Ethical, Honest & Fair!

Foster Safety

We strive to make our work environment as safe as possible, abiding by industry accepted practices, standards and regulations. Safety for all individuals and the environment will be our concern at all our work locations and while traveling from location to location. Making workplaces safe for all individuals and the environment through systematic evaluation and improvement is our goal.

Seek Innovation

We constantly evaluate our processes, systems and methods to determine if more efficiency can be applied. All employees seek to promote fresh ideas and to eliminate redundancy. Improvement is obtained through our individual and collective preparation, involvement, commitment, and creativity. We are Innovative!


Our Facilities.


Our Products.

BORDER SANDS provides premium sand and high-quality aggregates to the construction industry, concrete plants, and the oil and gas industry in Oklahoma and Texas.
Our Key Product: ASTM C33 SAND.

Frequently referred to as washed concrete sand or manufactured sand, ASTM C33 refers to a type of sand that meets specific ASTM guidelines for concrete aggregates and/or the items that are added into the concrete in order to prepare it for use. C33 sand also specifies the grading of the aggregate materials.

ASTM C136/C136M-14

This is the Standard Test Method for Sieve Analysis Of Fine And Coarse Aggregates used by our industry.




At BORDER SANDS, we are here to help and answer any question you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.
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